Unbearably Fun Game Development

26 June 2019

A new beta! 0.6.0b1

by Piper

0.6.0b1 is now out! Want to try our new Animation feature?

Or maybe you’d like our brand new API for subsystems: No more replicating the renderer and updater just to add your own custom subsystem. And they interact with the engine in an all new way. Just respond to the new Idle event and handle your timing based systems with style.

Remember, this is considered a prerelease, so to get it via pip:

pip install ppb==0.6.0b1

Please report any issues you find to the github issue tracker!

Full release notes:

First beta of our Summer Solstice 2019 release.

Note that because of incompatibilities, PyGame 1 and Python 3.6 & 3.7 are the only supported versions. Neither Python 3.8 nor PyGame 2 are supported in this release. (This will hopefully be fixed for our Fall Equinox 2019 release, but its largely out of our hands.)

New since 0.5.1

Breaking Changes since 0.5.1

Fixes since 0.5.1

Development changes

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