Unbearably Fun Game Development

26 April 2021

PPB at PyCon US

by Jamie

We are very proud to announce that PursuedPyBear will be at PyCon US 2021, in booth and sprint forms!


PPB has a booth! As the conference is virtual, so is the booth. But this will be the best way to chat with us about PPB, gamedev in Python, or anything else.

We’re also working on some goodies. You’ll have to come visit to find out. 😉


As in previous years, PPB will be hosting sprints!

Unique to PPB, we encourage all kinds of ppb-related activities:

All of these are valuable to us, so we encourage any of them! All skill levels are welcome.

One Last Thing

1.0 is coming this June! So these sprints are one last chance to get all the details in order for our big debut.

We’re hoping to have a lot of the breaking changes done before PyCon, but we could always use more help looking in strange corners. Look for the pre-conference alpha release.

tags: pycon