Unbearably Fun Game Development

2 February 2022

Binny's Birthday Jam

by Jamie

Happy birthday, Binny! 🥳

Binny is the PPB mascot! We have an information page about them, and we celebrate their birthday on March 22nd: The day of PursuedPyBear’s first commit! (e88f5ec46831c57f658b96d9eaaa35da86652bdd, for those that are curious.)

And how does a game engine celebrate a birthday? With a game jam!

So, it is our pleasure to announce Binny’s Birthday Bash Jam!

(Jam Page)

This year, it will take place from March 3rd to March 19th over on Itch.io! We suggest spending about 72 hours working on your game, using whatever schedule you’d like.

This is meant to be a fun jam, with the only hard rule being that you use the PursuedPyBear game engine.

It is open to everyone everywhere in the world, ages 13 and up.

As always, you can find help in our Discord.

tags: gamejams